Golf Bag Shipping

Filing a Claim

To process a claim, contact our Customer Service. Tel. #1-888-465-3463 we will Fax you a Claim Form to fill out and assist you to file and follow up your claim.

Please prepare the following to support the claim:

  • GBS Order Invoice number and copy of FedEx Airbill or Ship Manager Label
  • All the items description pertaining to lost or damaged
  • Brand name, Model/Serial number of lost or damage merchandise
  • If baggage or golfbag is damaged during delivery, show the courier the broken SPC (if possible). and keep the damage bag/s. This will facilitate the claim
  • Proof of Value (e.g. copy of original invoice from vendor/supplier, copy of retail invoice/receipt final confirmation screen if on-line order with proof of payment, itemized repair invoice or statement of non repair, appraisals, expense statement, or any other applicable documentation.)

All claims must be submitted to GBS within 10 days from the delivery date. Please allow four to six weeks after submission of your request to research and verify claims.

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Golf Bag Shipping