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Cancellation & Refund Policies

Cancellation & Refund
Cancellation charges will only be incurred if cancellation occurs after sent out the "Shipping Kit" Instead of a refund request, a full credit (cancelled portion payment) can be issued for future use with GBS, without expiration date and is fully transferable. The expedited charges for sending the "Express Shipping Kit" if applicable, is always non-refundable. For question call 1-888-465-3463 or Email to: or Write to:

Customer Service
P. O. Box 32005
Las Vegas, NV 89173

If a refund is requested, the cancellation fee is US$20.00 for the 1st bag and US$10.00 for each additional bag. In the case of a partial cancellation (i.e., order a round-trip or multiply-leg trip and only use on leg or two legs respectively) cancellation fee will be US$10.00 for the 1st bag and US$5.00 for each additional bag. In addition, a one-way surcharge will be charged on the already completed leg. (if only used one leg). If two or more legs were used, there will be no one-way surcharge.

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Golf Bag Shipping