Golf Bag Shipping

Inside the Shipping Kit

When you place an order to ship your golf clubs and/or luggage you will receive a shipping kit that contains:

Shipping Plastic Container
We provide a specially designed, lightweight (less than 1 pound) plastic container with a "weave in-and-out" locking design and matching locking tie, to better secure your golf clubs and luggage for shipment. Optimally measured for handling and transport, it makes packing and unpacking effortless.

Easy to Follow Instructions
An instruction booklet on "How to Prepare Your Bag" is provided. This information is also available online.

Airway Bill (Shipping Label)
Pre-printed airway bills are included in the package. Please confirm the pick-up and drop-off addresses on the airway bills.

GBS Receipt
You will be given a detailed invoice of your transaction. Use your tracking # on the invoice to track your shipment for customer support.

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Golf Bag Shipping