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Packing Suggestions

Golf Bag
Use a soft travel cover bag or hard cover case for your golf clubs. The dimensions of our Golf Bag SPC's are 60"x70" (RxH) . Any Golfbag/Travel cover bag used for shipping must fit securely into our Golf Bag SPC.(ONE SPC GOOD FOR ONE BAG ONLY)

To protect your golf bag, use a soft travel cover bag or hard cover case. GBS also recommends that you use a lightweight cover bag/case that offers good protection. The lighter bag/case will help keep the total weight under the 33-pound limit.

Secure your golf clubs with head covers
We recommend using head covers for your woods to help prevent minor scratches and provide cushioning.

Protect your club shaft with plastic tubes
Light plastic tubes is also a recommended item to protect your club shaft and are obtainable at any golf retailer.

Use a standard sized suitcase, luggage or bag with non-abrasive edges (NO Boxes) for shipping your baggage.

The dimensions of our Baggage SPC's are 30” x 14” x 55” (LxWxH) Any suitcase, luggage, or bag used for shipping must fit securely into our Baggage SPC. (ONE SPC GOOD FOR ONE BAGGAGE ONLY)

We also advise our clients to carry with them at all time during their trip, a hand carry bag containing some extra clothes for any unanticipated delays in the shipment of their baggage.

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Golf Bag Shipping