Golf Bag Shipping

Placing and Sealing Your Bag in the SPC


  1. Check each shipping kit for the following: (1) Shipping Plastic Container (SPC), locking ties, (1) Original pre-printed airway bill attached to the SPC, and (1) Adhesive pouch containing a photo copy of the pre-printed airway bill.

  2. Review the information contained on the Original and photocopy airway bills. Contact GBS immediately if there is any error.

  3. Attach the Adhesive pouch with the photocopy of the pre-printed airway bill to the outside of the suitcase, golf bag or golf traveling case/cover. For golf bags, GBS recommends using a soft golf travel bag to secure and protect your golf clubs.

  4. Place your suitcase in the Baggage SPC. Place your golf bag in the Golf Bag SPC.

  5. Lock the top of the SPC using one of the plastic locking ties. Be sure to loop the locking tie through the four eyelets for the Golf Bag SPC or the eight eyelets for the Baggage SPC, located at the top of the SPC. Pull the locking tie tightly through the locking base.

  6. Do NOT seal the pouch on the SPC containing the Original Airway Bill.

  7. You’re done! Wait for the scheduled pick-up of the SPC by the shipping courier.

    Additional Instructions for INTERNATIONAL Destination Orders only

  8. Review the commercial invoice and sign where specified. Signature required!

  9. Review the personal declaration form (varies with each country) and sign where indicated. Signature required! Provide hotel information and local contact for customs use.

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Golf Bag Shipping